Welcome to Brooks

Welcome to Brooks

Brooks, Alberta is a very unique place to live. It offers the small-town sense of community while featuring many of the amenities of a big city. We’re proud of the diversity in our city, which has earned the nickname the “City of 100 Hellos”.

The last Sunday of each month, BCIS offers a Newcomer Orientation workshop starting at 1 p.m. in our office classroom. We will explain in greater detail the wide array of services available and we will advise on what life is like, in general, in our city. It’s also a chance to meet people who are also new to this community.

Some of the topics covered are; where to find schools for your children (there are both public and Catholic schools in Brooks from Kindergarten to Grade 12) and post-secondary options at the Brooks Campus of Medicine Hat College. There are several places of worship, including a mosque (currently in expansion). English as a Second Language services are also offered for all levels through the Brooks Community Adult Learning Centre (up to Level 4) and the Brooks campus (Level 5 and above).

You can also find out about places to live and where to look for work.  We will also help to educate you on your rights as an employee,  home owner or renter. Brooks also has plenty to offer in terms of recreation with sports facilities, walking paths, restaurantsmovie theatres or  live theatre  as well. There is lots to see and do in our city! You can also find out about the County of Newell and the many unique features available in our own backyard through VisitNewell.

There are several resources for families in Brooks, such as the SPEC Association and a thriving Francophone Association. You can also find out about the health services available in Brooks.We are fortunate in Brooks to have a Service Canada location for information on federal services, plus an Alberta Works office for provincial services. 

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming Newcomer Orientation workshops soon! To register, please contact our office.