Permanent Resident

Permanent Resident

As a Permanent Resident of Canada, you have many advantages and options open to you.  Here at BCIS, we are ready to answer any of your questions as you make this city your new home.

Settlement Counsellors

A Settlement Counselor is someone who can assist you with all kinds of paperwork and documents.  They can show you how to find housing, schools for your children, and a family doctor.  If you have questions about sponsoring your family to come to Canada, we can answer those as well. We can help with almost anything related to your life here in Brooks.  Sometimes all you might need is a friendly face to talk to! 

Family Support

When you move, the change can create stress and worry in families.  It can be hard to adjust to a new language, new customs and new cultures.  Looking after yourself and your family is important.  Our staff can provide information on health care supports and can refer you to medical professionals who know best how to handle your unique situation. They will offer you guidance and feedback on how to keep your family strong. We often work with fellow service providers in the community to ensure your needs are being met. 

When required, we are able to provide translation and interpretation services through our staff and a host of volunteers.

Employment Services

If you’re not sure what to include on a resume, you need tips on how to search for employment, or you   want to practice interview techniques, we have a specialized Employment Counselor to help you use the proper tools to find meaningful employment.  Regular employment education sessions are conducted as is one-on-one training.


And speaking of educational sessions, we also hold regular workshops on a variety of interesting subjects.  Lunch and learns, social cafes and other opportunities are provided on a regular basis to combine information with friendship. Be sure to visit this website regularly for more information.


A great way to get to know your new city is by becoming a volunteer. Our Volunteer Coordinator can guide you to the various service clubs and organizations in Brooks and area that need volunteers. Through these links, you will learn more about your community, you will make new friends and you will learn so much about yourself.

Social Activities

BCIS holds many social events and activities throughout the year.  Whether it’s touring our past with a visit to Dinosaur Provincial Park, or getting rid of the winter blues by having a holiday party, we like to showcase the fun aspects of our city and region.