Community Outreach and Volunteer Services

Community Outreach and Volunteer Services

Community Outreach 

We are proud to be part of one of the most resilient and collaborative communities in Alberta. While we enjoy what the community offers, we also do our part to be active and engaged in our city and region. 

  • BCIS designs and implements workshops and information sessions for community groups and associations to create awareness about immigration and multiculturalism.
  • We work together with community agencies, ethno-cultural organizations and the general public to offer the best settlement and integration practices in our community. 
  • We work with agencies and individuals to welcome newcomers to our city and show them Canadian hospitality at its best.
  • BCIS works to promote multiculturalism and initiates campaigns to eliminate racism.
  • We bridge the gaps and helps facilitate understanding between newcomers and the mainstream community. 
  • BCIS provides translation and interpretation services.

Volunteer Services

BCIS fulfills its mission by depending on valued community members who give their time and skills to help others.   We place a high value volunteerism and we offer numerous volunteer opportunities including; office support, tutoring youth study groups, activity and event organization, interpretation and translation services and the list goes on.

  • BCIS promotes volunteerism and introduces the concept of volunteering to newcomers.
  • BCIS provides volunteer opportunities for mainstream Canadians to play a role in welcoming newcomers and helping them adjust to their new home.
  • BCIS gives newcomer volunteers the chance to work with other newcomers and mainstream individuals to build their Canadian experience, learn new skills and gain new insights about themselves.

Together we will make Brooks and County of Newell the best place to live and work.  Please visit or call BCIS to offer your knowledge and experience to our community through collaboration and volunteerism.