We are pleased to take part in the Alberta Cultural Days Celebration this month, and we are excited to announce a series of enlightening virtual talks which will be held over the lunch hour.

Local and regionals speakers will present every Wednesday in September.  You are invited to join us as we cover topics of culture, race and immigration.

All presentations will use the platform GoTo Webinar. There will be opportunities for audience sharing and a Q&A session. We look forward to seeing you on-line!

To register | Click on the names of the talks below.


Diversity has always been our strength: Immigration to Southern Alberta since the late 19th century (September 2) >> Click Here 


The Chinese Community in Alberta: The 135 Year Story (September 9) >> Click Here


Black Pioneers of Western Canada (September 16) >> Click Here


Japanese in Southern Alberta: Family Stories (September 23) >> Click Here


The Land & the People: Indigenous History & Matters in Alberta: How it all Came Together (September 30) >> Click Here